Voting Time


Your voting card lists the name, address and opening hours of your place of voting. You can only vote at the place listed on your voting card. 🕗You can vote up until 8pm on Election Day (September 11) inside your designated place of voting (polling station). If you are standing

Who are all the people?

When you arrive at the building to vote there may be people outside handing out ballot papers. These are usually politicians hoping you will vote for their party. You don't have to talk to them. Just smile and wave. ℹ️According to new rules, politicians with party names

Inside the building

Inside the building you will have access to piles of ballot papers for each political party. There is one room where all the ballot papers are, and usually a separate room further in where you have booths (often green) for privacy when placing your ballot papers in white envelopes. That

Understanding the ballot

Most ballot papers have a few or many names on them. These are people you can suggest as your choice for a seat in The Riksdag, Region Assembly or Municipal Assembly – if the party wins seats. If you do not want to place your vote on a specific person, you

Collect your ballot papers

You need a ballot paper for the party you want to vote on, one ballot paper for each election (that means one of each colour). Remember: Most people take a ballot paper for all the parties with them to the voting booth, or at least a big mix, making sure

Prepare your vote

Once you are in a voting booth, place one ballot paper each in a separate white envelope and seal them. Remember, only one ballot paper in each envelope and there should be one of each colour for the elections you are voting in. There is a small opening in the

Hand over the envelopes

Now walk up to the seated election workers and hand them your envelopes, and show them your identification. They will first check off your name in the voter register. Then watch as they place each envelope in a box, one for each colour. This is the vote in action.


Now go outside and compliment yourself on a job well done. Get yourself a treat because you are truly awesome.
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