Good to know

Torn ballots not counted

The ballot must not be folded or torn in any way. If it is, your vote will not count. The only marking allowed is the X you may put next to one person that you would like to vote for.

No reason for party loyalty

Most political parties participate in all three different elections but you do not have to vote for the same political party in all three different elections. That's why there are three different elections. Your decision should ideally be based on the people you think will serve the different

No ballot for your party?

Party ballots are only printed by the authorities for any party having broken the 1% threshold in the last two EU-parliament or Riksdag elections respectively. And parties themselves are responsible for bringing the ballot papers with candidate names. While rare, it is possible for pre-printed ballots to run out or

Don't trust Donald

It seems a lot of Swedes write Donald Duck on a blank piece of paper. Try to avoid that. Donald Duck has a tendency to make rather poor decisions. He always gets stuck with all the bad luck. But if you really are undecided, you can actually place a blank

Reading up ahead of time

If you want to read more about what the political parties want and stand for, the keywords to watch out for are Handlingsplan and Valmanifest. These are documents presenting the visions for the next four years. If you can find them online chances are you can use Google Translate to

Politicians are people too

When it comes to your local municipal assembly, maybe you can even meet up a politician for coffee. Many politicians in Sweden are very easy to get in touch with and if you are a user of social media you can usually ask them questions there as well.

Links & further reading

I made this website to provide a fun and easily accessible English-language overview to voting in Sweden. I make an effort to ensure the information is updated and accurate. You can always double-check details with the official election authority Valmyndigheten, and find info in more languages: * More information in English
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